Feeling so overwhelmed.

Hi guys. I’m feeling so overwhelmed right now. I have so much to do and can’t seem to get a grip. I really don’t know how i’m going to make it through.

Any advice on how you guys deal with stress and anxiety would be a major help for me in the CRAZY time. 



Anonymous asked - "what are you pulling an all nighter for?"

Deliverables for work. Feeling so overwhelmed. 

Anonymous asked - "i am so intrigued by you! found your korean wavy hair tutorial and i watched all your vids haha and then found your tumblr. now i feel all nostalgic for korea (spent the summer there), especially hongdae and all the art museums in seoul."

I feel like we would have had a really great time going to the art museums together!

GUY’s I’m pulling an all nighter

Any tips? I hate this. 


Kenzo menswear s/s 2013


Kenzo menswear s/s 2013






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Anonymous asked - "was it business adminstration or film production?"

oooh good guess. Bonus points for reading the previous ask question. But sadly no.  The guess game continues!

I’m actually flattered. Is that weird?????

I’m actually flattered. Is that weird?????

An interview I did. Find out my favourite song at the moment and what the signature dish of Canada is~~~